Strawberry Lavender Chia Jam (Pectin and Sugar Free)

Strawberry Lavender Chia Jam (sugar & Pectin Free)


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Strawberry season is short and sweet around here, and despite the late start I don’t anticipate a late finish so the kids and I hopped to it and skid daddled on over to our local patch and got to pickin’.

Cashin’s Farm has some beautiful strawberry patches and some great prices plus they are the only U-Pick in our area. We had a beautiful, hot, sunny day. The perfect day to pick berries, the hot sun bringing out all the sweet goodness of the berries.strawberry picking

In fact I was counting on this, since sugar and I are still working out our differences..
I am giving it the silent treatment…
and pretty much avoiding it..
No judging, a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.

So since sugars out and I have pounds of ripe berries screaming for attention I decided to foray into sugar free jam making… And to shake things up a bit lets make it Pectin free as well, because I may or may not have forgotten to pick up the sugar free pectin… But lets just pretend pectin free was the plan.
Since I just can’t seem to stop myself lets add some culinary lavender..lavender
WHAT? You have never had Strawberry Lavender Jam.. I am so sorry to hear this because you are MISSING OUT (sorry to shout), but seriously you are indeed missing out on a very wonderful thing. Strawberries and lavender are like PB and J, meant to be together.lavender pouch
And since I truly have no control over myself and its like 110 degrees outside lets do this all in the crockpot (I have never made jam in a CP, what am I thinking?).

Onto the recipe shall we..

Strawberry Lavender Chia Jam (Pectin & Sugar Free)


*3 quarts Strawberries (We used fresh picked, I am sure you could sub with frozen)
*4 TBS Culinary Lavender (wrap in cheesecloth)
*1/2 Lemon (squeeze over strawberries in layers, adds acidity and helps retain color)
*2 TBS Chia seeds
* 1 TBS SweetLeaf Stevia Extract

1. Hull 3 qts strawberries and put in crockpot on low. Drizzle each layer with lemon juice as you fill up the CP.
2.Fill cheesecloth square with 4 TBS culinary lavender, tie together and place in crockpot with berries.
3. Let cook for about 90 min.
4. Pour contents into blender (remove lavender pouch) and give a quick whirl. (If you do not have a blender, chop berries before putting in CP and then use a potato masher to blend berries).5. Place berries and lavender back in CP, add 2 TBS Chia seeds. Leave the cover askew to allow some liquid evaporation and cook another hour.
6. Turn off heat, add stevia, remove lavender pouch and pack into sterile jars. From here you can use a hot water bath to seal jars or you can pop them in the freezer, either way, you will be happy to have it on hand. ENJOY!jam



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